Coronavirus, Tuscany at the forefront of the screening effort thanks to Sienese excellence. Kits will be available soon

Wednesday 18 March 2020

Diesse Diagnostica Senese is a company with 40 years of experience, present in one hundred countries, with headquarters in Siena.

In a context of proximity, a Tuscan leading company in diagnostics is working in closely with the Spallanzani Institute in Rome to provide the Region of Tuscany with serological tests for the diagnosis of Covid-19. Indeed, the change in policy in favour of mass screening with this procedure, announced yesterday by President Enrico Rossi, also came about thanks to the presence in Tuscany of this company, an absolute guarantee of quality.
This is what emerged this morning during a meeting between the president Enrico Rossi, together with the regional technical experts and Massimiliano Boggetti, managing director of Diesse Diagnostica Senese, a company with 40 years of experience (a spin-off of the historic Sclavo Institute). The company is present in one hundred countries and its headquarters are in Siena.
"This collaboration is not recent; it goes back a long way and we can now reap the benefits", President Rossi pointed out. "An important relationship unites Diesse Diagnostica Senese and the Region of Tuscany, nurtured by our policies of support and industrial development, the use of European funds and our policies in favour of the life sciences. We are particularly proud to have this type of excellence in Tuscany, thanks to which our people will be able to count on high-quality tests that will make us even stronger in this battle against the epidemic".
The CEO of Diesse Diagnostica Senese also mentioned the collaboration with the Regional Authorities and the other aspects that make Tuscany the ideal location for the company. "In this field, the know-how built up in the district of Siena has no equal in the world – insisted Boggetti – and in the company we are all proud to be able to help protect the citizens of Tuscany from this epidemic, thanks to the hard work of our colleagues in research and production during these difficult weeks. Fighting the Coronavirus is a worldwide relay race, and today we have completed an important part of the battle together with the Region of Tuscany".
As mentioned in the meeting, Tuscany will begin screening with the technologies already available and then continue with the serological kits that the Sienese company will soon make available.
The first to be screened will be doctors, nurses and health workers and then the 60 thousand employees of the Tuscan healthcare sector and private healthcare personnel. This diagnosis will obviously not replace the one which is done with the swab.
Coronavirus, Tuscany at the forefront of the screening