Diesse and AchilleS Vaccines working together for new monoclonal antibody based therapies

Friday 19 February 2021

Siena, 19 February 2021 – Diesse Diagnostica Senese and AchilleS Vaccines today announced the signing of a strategic agreement under which Diesse develops diagnostics tests dedicated for monoclonal antibody therapeutics that AchilleS Vaccines will develop.

"We are proud to provide AchilleS Vaccines with our extensive experience in the development and design of diagnostic tests for the quantification of the immune response against pathogens. The next-generation of quantitative and rapid tests, developed in association with the dedicated therapeutics, will allow physicians to easily and accurately assess whether or not to deliver pharmacotherapy to patients”- states Massimiliano Boggetti, CEO of Diesse.

"The road to the mass use of monoclonal antibodies against known and unknown pathogens necessarily passes through two phases. The first is the drastic reduction of production costs. The second is the early diagnosis of infection through "companion" diagnostics. DIESSE's approach to this type of diagnostics is of fundamental value to us in terms of the development and production of therapeutics oriented towards the global market, including developing countries" - adds Riccardo Baccheschi, CEO of AchilleS Vaccines.

This agreement between a biopharmaceutical company and a diagnostic company from the Sienese area demonstrates the importance of combining complementary knowledge in the world of health. It will accelerate innovation and guarantee modern and effective treatments, achieving a real global impact.

Diesse and AchilleS Vaccines working together for new