The Great Revamp of DIESSE Diagnostica Senese

Friday 20 September 2019

DIESSE, an Italian company with solid Sienese roots, manufacturer of totally Made in Italy innovative in vitro diagnostic systems, with more than 180 employees, research and development oriented, made an investment plan to boost the Company and make it grow globally.

Our Company is strongly working on an innovative strategic ambitious program divided into three main steps:

1. Enhancement of people skills and infrastructures - a great plan to promote professionalism and growth of employees, focusing on excellence and young talents; creation of innovative laboratories and production sites based on the principles of lean and with 4.0 Industry-oriented machinery.

2. Investments in Research and Development – boosting our technologies with investments to improve product quality and launch new tests, while investing resources and energies in making new innovative products, also in cooperation with strategic partners;

3. Worldwide expansion - enhancing our presence in domestic and international markets.

This is a Sienese long history of excellence that started thanks to the major scientific culture developed in Siena with the great input of its University, of the work of Professor Achille Sclavo and of the increasing presence of companies involved in the life science sector which made the city of the Palio a world-renowned bio-medical hub.

DIESSE, born in the 1980s, thanks to the entrepreneurship of four researchers, is an important part of this history, and today, thanks to new investments, is facing the challenges of future with great enthusiasm, as remarked by CEO Massimiliano Boggetti:

"The Italian medical device industries constitute a great opportunity to improve the health of the Italians, as well as being an indispensable source of economic growth and employment for the territory. DIESSE and our ambitious project are a concrete example of this. Today we are writing new pages in the history of a Sienese company that will more and more export Made in Italy products in the world, shaping the medicine of future. DIESSE technologies, and all in vitro diagnostics field likewise, are in fact essential for P4 medicine (predictive, personalized, preventive, participatory). The strength of our long history, along with the important investment made, are the basis for the results which will honor the important scientific and industrial history of the Sienese territory, and more generally of our country".
The Great Revamp of DIESSE Diagnostica Senese